Lanzada Beta 1.3 "Powerplay"

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New Content/Features:

  • Powerplay added
    • Power map views added to galaxy map
    • Added power information and action screens
    • Power specific ship modules added
    • Power specific ambient traffic added
    • Spawn AI to hunt player if they defect
    • Power specific goods and actions added
  • Playable ship Imperial Courier added
  • Playable ship Diamondback added
  • Cargo/Mining chunk collection drones added
  • Fuel transfer drones added
  • Prospector drones added
  • Mission system overhaul
    • Inbox integration for branching missions
    • Missions scaling up based on rank
    • Missions scaling up based on reputation with mission giver
    • Mission targets can be generated in supercruise rather than USSs
    • Spawned AI difficulty determined by mission (if spawned by mission)
    • Missions requiring only mineable materials added
    • Revamped military progression missions
    • Added Founders and Elite ranked missions
    • More mission variants added
    • Chatter tables updated
  • Updated bounty system
    • Bounties cannot be paid off (Pilot's Fed contact is gone!), but expire after 7 days.
    • Major factions don't record crimes anymore, only minor factions. (You may have major faction stuff in your saves left over from the previous system).
    • Fines now take 7 days to expire, but never coexist with bounties (bounties absorb fines and dormant bounties with the same faction).
    • Expiry only actually happens when you login, hyperspace or resurrect. (This stops cases of "I attacked a wanted ship that had no bounty a few seconds ago")
    • Friendly fire values relaxed
  • Add select nav target functionality to system map
  • Add mining bonus for mining operations within extraction sites
  • Added Painite as a minable commodity
  • Added osmium as a minable commodity
  • Added low and high intensity resource extraction site scenarios
  • Loan ceiling scales based on player's highest Elite rank
  • Founder decal now gold
  • Added crimes for reckless flying (collisions) within starport no fire zones:
    • Shields only collisions above speed limit is a fine
    • Hull damage only above speed limit is a larger fine
    • Ship destruction within short window after collision above speed limit is a bounty
    • Respects 'Report crimes against me' setting
  • Allow any general purpose slot on any ship to contain a fuel tank module
  • Show progress to next PF rank
  • NPC chatter works in supercruise
  • Added rank up messages and animations to inbox

Y un largo Tweaks/Fixes: